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What are the benefits of refurbishing?

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There are many benefits of refurbished products and refurbishing in general. Probably the biggest one is “Sustainability” as the overall electronic waste, which we produce through destroying used products, as well as that the usage of raw materials, will be drastically reduced!

Just imagine that a new iPhone needs hundreds of individual components, which are produced all around the globe (Battery from South Korea, Camera from Japan, Audio Chips form the US) and finally assembled in China, before sold in each corner of the world.

If we even go one production step before, so to the point where the raw materials for Smartphone batteries are coming from, Sky News has done a shocking investigation on child labor, as young as four years old, who are working in Congolese mines to extract cobalt for smartphones. Here you get to the article and video:

Even if this is an extreme example, it shows how brutal the industry is working to produce new electronic products!

Many of these negative examples, the high usage of raw materials and resources can be prevented, if more people are willing to re-use products. Offering products a “secondlife” by refurbishment is probably one of the best ways as it allows you to have a like-new device with just less carbon dioxide wasted through production!

The biggest fear of people buying “used” products is that you have any certainty that the product literally works. Exactly this is where refurbished products jump in. These products are not like classic used products, refurbished products have been tested and repaired to ensure that they function like new and depending on the grading criteria also look like new!

Where we are at the next benefit of refurbishing and refurbished products. You can buy a product, which functions like a new product and looks like it for a discounted price of up to 40%.

You probably ask yourself now: WHERE IS THE CATCH???

Honestly, I have asked myself the same question, when I was confronted with refurbished products the first time! But then I spend some more time investing on that topic, visited some of the largest refurbishers in Germany and realised…THERE IS NON!

If you buy from a trustworthy source these refurbishers are selling the product with a warranty, which ensures you that even, if there would be any problem with the product, you can just return it! The seller would repair or replace the product or if you request even repay you the purchasing price.

So just give it a try and buy your next electronic product “refurbished”. It will not only make your bank account happy, but also help the environment and Dorsen of course 🙂


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